Black school trousers*, white polo shirt, Welburn Hall green sweatshirt.

Whilst most students wear school trousers, a black skirt of suitable length is also acceptable. Where physical or sensory conditions make black trousers impractical, plain black jogging bottoms are permitted.

During the summer term some of our younger students wear bottle green, gingham, school dresses.

Footwear - plain, dark, shoes or boots, with low heel and design that fully covers the foot to hold it safely and securely.

PE- plain black shorts, white Welburn logo t-shirt or plain, white, round necked t-shirt.
Footwear - trainers or canvas gym shoes. Pupils cannot participate in PE lessons without suitable footwear.

Pupils should ideally have a waterproof coat with them all year round.
In the winter months, a warm coat, hat, gloves and wellingtons in the event of snow are required. If pupils do not have clothing suitable for the weather this restricts the activities in which they are able to participate.

ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE PUPIL’S NAME - to help prevent the loss of personal items and uniform.

*Please avoid low waist trousers, which allow the abdomen, lower back or underwear to be visible.

Welburn Hall logo clothing can be purchased here:

Logo Embroidered Uniform

Laughing Whale are pleased to be able to supply school uniform to our students. Their garments are of a good quality hence the slightly higher price.

If you would like to place an order please click on the following link: www.laughingwhaleschools.co.uk where you will see the Welburn Hall School tab to place your order.

We are pleased to announce that Tesco F&F have started to restock school uniform - please use the link below.

Tesco F&F Uniform

Tesco F&F Uniform


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