GOVERNORS OF Welburn Hall School

The Governing Body carries out a very important job behind the scenes in supporting and challenging the school staff to improve the outcomes for children.

Governors have three core functions:
Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

We carry out regular audits of our skills in the light of the skills and competences we need, taking account of the Department for Education’s Competency Framework for Governance. We update our knowledge through governor training events, reading, visiting school and presentations at our meetings.

Governors meeting minutes can be requested by contacting the Clerk penny.fenton@northyorks.gov.uk or admin@welburn-hall.n-yorks.sch.uk


Currently there are 10 members and all have voting rights on their committees and in the Full Governing Body:

2 parent governors (appointed by parents)
Charles Wilson

1 Staff governors (appointed by the staff):
Mrs Marianne Best - Head Teacher

6 Co-opted governors (appointed by the Governing Body):
Dr Susan Morgan (Co-Chair) - Term of office 7th November 2018 - 6th November 2022
Mrs Vivien Stephens - Term of office 12th December 2018 - 11th December 2022
Mr Sam Ellis - Term of office 3rd October 2018 - 2nd October 2022
Rev Susan Binks - Term of office 7th November 2018 - 6th November 2022
Dr Jon James - Term of office 7th November 2018 - 6th November 2022

1 LA Appointed Governor
Rev Alan Payne (Co-Chair) - Term of office 8th May 2019 - 7th May 2023

Our Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Penny Fenton


Dr Susan Morgan (Co-Chair)
SEND Governor

Now retired after a lifetime in secondary education, my interests include rearing sheep and using the wool fleeces in many creative ways. I love gardening and reading.
At Manchester University I gained a degree in Biochemistry, which subsequently led to a PhD following research into cell biology. The dual interests in both Biology and Chemistry allowed me to teach both subjects to A level for many years. Latterly working as Deputy and then Head Teacher I have gained huge insight into planning curricula for all types of learning and all of the management issues facing school leaders today.

Rev Alan Payne (Co-Chair)
Safeguarding Governor
E-Safety governor

Teacher of RE, Parish Priest, Area Dean, Director of Ministry Development and Training. Diocesan Board of Education. Consultant on Persons, Roles and Systems. Honorary Canon of Southwell Minster, Chair of Governors, Infant, Middle & Secondary Schools.  Currently Retired priest with permission to Officiate, Vice Chair Resources Lady Lumley's Co Chair Welburn Hall
Interests, Caravanning, Gardening, Guard on North York Moors Railway, Bird Watching. Singing.

Mrs Vivien Stephens
Link governor for the residential provision, supported by Jon James

Vivien Stephens is a retired youth and community worker who graduated as a mature student from Leeds Metropolitan University with further study at the University of Huddersfield. With experience of working in a LA residential school for boys with emotional and behaviour difficulties then working with care leavers Vivien went on to head up a county wide detached youth work team in East Riding. When this Youth Service was incorporated within Children's Social Care Vivien went on to manage a team of youth and family support workers and retired in 2015.
Vivien is currently involved with The Guide Movement in Pickering following a move from West Yorkshire in 2017. She is married with 2 adult daughters and is a keen football and cricket watcher.

Helen Proctor
Health & Safety governor

Mr Sam Ellis

Rev Susan Binks
Mental Health and Wellbeing Governor

Dr Jon James

Committee Members 2019/20

Headteacher Performance Management
Rev Alan Payne
Dr Susan Morgan
Independent Consultant - Trish Ellison

Pay Committee
Rev Alan Payne
Dr Susan Morgan
Mr Sam Ellis

Parental Complaints
Dr Susan Morgan
Membership to be pulled from the governing body board depending on the circumstances - 3 members

Welburn Hall School Governor Attendance 2021/22

Name Meetings Attended Governor Term Start Date Governor Term End Date
Marianne Best (Headteacher) 2/8    
Susan Binks (Co-opted) 2/8 07/11/2018 06/11/2022
Graham "Sam" Ellis (Co-opted) 2/8 03/10/2018 02/10/2022
Penny Fenton (Other) (Clerk) 2/8 21/07/2019 20/07/2023
Gary Fielding (Other) 2/8 14/07/2021 13/07/2025
Jon James (Co-opted) 1/8 07/11/2018 06/11/2022
Sue Morgan (Co-opted) (Chair) 2/8 07/11/2018 06/11/2022
Alan Payne (Local Authority) 2/8 08/05/2019 07/05/2023
Helen Porter (Co-opted) 1/7 20/10/2021 19/10/2025
Vivien Stephens (Co-opted) 2/8 12/12/2018 11/12/2022
Charles Wilson (Parent) 2/8 01/04/2021 31/03/2025

Welburn Hall School Governor Attendance 2020/21

Name Meetings Attended Governor Term Start Date Governor Term End Date
Sarah Barker 1/1    
Marianne Best (Headteacher) 9/11    
Susan Binks (Co-opted) 8/11 07/11/2018 06/11/2022
Graham "Sam" Ellis (Co-opted) 7/11 03/10/2018 02/10/2022
Penny Fenton (Other) (Clerk) 9/11 21/07/2019 20/07/2023
Jon James (Co-opted) 9/11 07/11/2018 06/11/2022
David Lamb (Parent) 0/2 06/02/2019 20/10/2020
Anne Lealman (Staff) 1/1 06/11/2019 14/10/2020
Sue Morgan (Co-opted)(Chair) 9/11 07/11/2018 06/11/2022
Alan Payne (Local Authority) 9/11 08/05/2019 07/05/2023
Vivien Stephens (Co-opted) 8/11 12/12/2018 11/12/2022
Charles Wilson (Parent) 4/4 01/04/2021 31/03/2025

Welburn Hall School Governor Attendance 2018/19

Name Number FGB meetings
Alan Payne (Co-Chair) 7/9
Sue Morgan (Co-Chair) 6/9
Marianne Best (Head) 7/9
Sarah Barker (left 18/6/20) 2/9
Susan Binks (from 7/11/18) 5/9
Sam Ellis 3/9
John James 6/9
Darren Kendell (left 25/07/19) 1/2
David Lamb (from 13/03/19) 6/9
Gillian Locker (left 25/09/19) 0/1
Vivien Stephens 5/9
Anne Lealman (from 06/11/19) 5/8

Welburn Hall School Governor Attendance 2018/19

Name Number FGB meetings
Alan Payne (Co-Chair) 6/8
Sue Morgan (Co-Chair) 7/8
Marianne Best (Head) 8/8
Sarah Barker 7/8
Susan Binks (from 7/11/18) 6/6
Sam Ellis 5/8
John James (from 7/11/18) 4/6
Darren Kendell (from 7/11/2018) 3/6
David Lamb (from 13/3/19) 4/4
Gillian Locker 3/8
Vivien Stephens (from 12/12/2018) 4/5

Welburn Hall School Governor Attendance 2017/18

Name Number FGB meetings
Alan Payne 8/8
Sue Morgan 8/8
Marianne Best (Head) 7/8
Sarah Barker 3/7
Gillian Locker 4/8
Paul Aber (left 07/02/2018) 3/4
Michael Garrod (left 14/03/2018) 3/5
Andrew Hill (left 31/08/2018) 5/7
Laura Walker (left 31/08/2018) 4/8
Rachel Marr (left 04/11/2018) 3/7

Governor Allowance Policy
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Governor Induction
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Governor Visits to the School Policy
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Instrument of Government
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