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Life Skills

Why are Life Skills Important?

Life Skills are a key part of the curriculum for all Welburn Hall pupils.

Careful and highly individualised curriculum planning gives all pupils the opportunity to experience and learn to prepare for real life situations, such as shopping, crossing the road, meal planning, writing a letter and posting it, or even growing and eating their own food.

These practical life skills are an essential part of learning to be independent, feeling confident in the community and help to develop self-esteem.


How are Life Skills taught at Welburn Hall?

Whilst the development of life skills is embedded into the daily education and care for all pupils, we also have a dedicated time within the weekly timetable to concentrate on these vital skills for everyday life.  This is currently done by way of a rolling programme each Friday morning.

Each child’s needs are carefully assessed and targeted, and next steps are prioritised.

All pupils take part in a rotation covering these key areas:

Road Safety and Transport

This includes crossing the road, using public transport, riding a bike.

Home Skills

This includes using buttons or zips, shopping, cooking, bed making etc. 

Environmental Awareness

Such as gardening, recycling, composting, seasonal crafts and developing a pride in our surroundings.

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

This could be yoga or another co-ordination activity.


This includes swimming or sports.

Why do Parents Think Life Skills are so Important?

 Parents are very supportive and pleased with the life skills component of our curriculum.  Parents frequently tell us that independence and confidence are key areas of their child’s needs and Welburn Hall has a highly individualised approach to ensure that personal requirements are addressed.  In fact, many parents of special needs pupils in mainstream schools have expressed an interest in a dual placement offering access to our life skills programme.

 “One of the primary goals for parents of children with special needs is to prepare them for life beyond school and how to cope on their own in their future life. We all know the limitations of our children, and the problems and vulnerabilities that their own medical conditions will bring them in life.

Life skills taught both within the safe school environment, and most importantly on trips out of the school, will teach our children how to achieve tasks that everyone normally treats as simple, and to be aware of the dangers that could be in the community. One example of this is going to the shops and purchasing everyday items. This is a big event for some children, and at Welburn Hall, this is taught in simple, easy to manage sections.

Life skills is without doubt one of the most essential parts of the curriculum.”  by a Welburn Hall Dad.

And, What to our Pupils Think of their Friday Morning Life Skills Sessions?

"We planned our lunch, then we went shopping for the ingredients and made a stir fry and my friend made sticky ribs - it was delicious"  by James.

"We had to plan and budget our meal, we had to £20 to spend"  by Ruby.

“It’s great fun to practise sharp turns on the big go-kart"  by Tommy.

 “I used to be nervous about swimming but now I am much more confident"  by Charlotte.

 “I’ve set myself a target to swim 12 lengths"  by Danielle.

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