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Functional Skill Learning

Welburn Hall College Department – Curriculum Overview

The Key Stage 5 curriculum for students in the College is an inspiring, enriching, evolving and manageable model which develops independent enquirers, creative thinkers, team workers, self-managers, effective participators and reflective learners.

The curriculum is designed to be flexible and meet the needs and interests of a diverse group of learners aged 16 –19. It is teenage appropriate and current/topical. The curriculum is designed to inspire learners and teachers, enabling students to take well managed risks in their learning and teachers to be innovative in their teaching.

It is based on learning in Functional English, Maths, Vocational studies, Proactive Lifestyle, Working Lifestyle, Personal and Social Lifestyle and Independent Living, which will lead to a healthy, fulfilling and well balanced lifestyle for each individual.

Each student will be supported in choosing their own exciting, real and relevant pathways through these areas to achieve their individual destination.

Their pathway will be shown in their STUDY PROGRAMME. There will be a shift in emphasis for individuals dependent upon their needs and aspirations, as identified in their destination, but all students will learn relevant skills in each Life Style Area.

Functional English.

There are 3 components to this area which are:

Speaking and listening,

Reading – reading and understanding information and instructions,

Writing – writing accurately so that meaning is clear. Students will be accredited through ASDAN at Pre Entry 1 and through OCR at Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2, Entry Level 3 and Level 1.

Functional Maths.

There are 3 components to this area which are: 

Representing – making sense of a situation and representing it mathematically,

Analysing – processing and using maths,

Interpreting – interpreting and communicating the results of analysis.  Students will be accredited through ASDAN at Pre Entry 1 and through OCR at Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2, Entry Level 3 and Level 1.

Practical skills in English, Maths and ICT will be practiced across all areas of the curriculum. They are learning tools that enable students to:

•apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday life

•engage competently and confidently with others

•solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations

•develop personally and professionally as positive citizens who can actively contribute to society.

Vocational Studies

This area of work is to enable students to make informed choices about what they would like to do in the future and enrich their areas of interest. An offering of Digital Employability, Catering, Horticulture, Construction and animal care allows students to experience and learn about these vocations, developing skills and knowledge required for a particular job function or a trade.

Accreditation will be through City and Guilds, AQA unit awards and ASDAN Personal Progress.

Proactive Lifestyle

This enriching area will encourage and enable students to make choices and decisions about activities for leisure and recreation. It includes physical and sporting activities as well as more creative, therapeutic and aesthetically enriching activities. Students will be accredited through ASDAN short courses, RSL Musical Theatre and DofE.

Working Lifestyle

Students will practice and improve their communication and social skills within the working environment through a range of work experience opportunities.

In year 12 they will have 6 week extended experience in supported employment with Basics, take part in enterprise activities and run pop up cafes.

In year 13 they will have 6 week extended experience in varying work settings with lowered support where appropriate, they take part in enterprise activities and have taster sessions in different jobs of their choice.

In year 14 they will spend a year in independent placements of their choice where appropriate.

They will be supported at all stages through Independent Careers Education and Guidance and gain an award in Employability through ASDAN.

Personal and Social Lifestyle

Students will be supported to develop their awareness and management of their personal and social needs.

They will learn about their changing feelings, bodies and relationships.

Students will learn about their roles in the home, school and community as active citizens.

Accreditation will be AQA Award or Certificate in Personal Social Education.

Students will take part in travel training opportunities over the 3 years and where possible will learn to travel safely and independently on public transport.

Students are actively supported with finances both in Maths, during Social Skill lessons and as part of their Waking hours curriculum. Learning to spend money wisely and budget for bigger events whilst being encouraged to save for their futures. They will learn about where their money comes from and how to apply for it in the future. Life skills in the residential setting and during education are monitored and set through RARPA and assessed through ASDAN PSD and Personal Progress.

Independent Living

Students will learn to become increasingly independent within the residential setting of the college through the experience and use a range of home management skills.

They will experience and learn about budgeting, shopping, planning and preparing a healthy diet, looking after and caring for their own clothes and bedding, taking care of their own living space.

They will be accredited through ASDAN PSD and Personal Progress.


Further detail about this provision is within the College Unit Brochure.

Click Here for more information about learning objectives for College students in the residential setting.

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